Halloween weekend this year looked a bit different, but that didn’t stop many St. Louis residents from getting into the spooky spirit. According to an article from the Post-Dispatch, events like the Six Flags HALLOWFEST were adapted from its usual Fright Fest – complete with socially distanced haunted attractions that were moved outdoors and protective masks were provided for the performers. Candy chutes were placed throughout the City Museum for three days of trick-or-treating in place of the annual pumpkin toss from the roof on November 1st. Eckert’s still featured haunted wagon rides and reservable bonfire spaces within their acres of orchard space. The CWE costume contest was made virtual and available to enjoy online from home.  

However, despite an advisory issued on October 1st regarding Halloween safety precautions, the St. Louis City Health Department reported a spike in COVID-19 cases following the Halloween weekend. Businesses and restaurants did their best to prevent the new wave of over 800 new confirmed cases reported throughout the week following Halloween.  

The city is in high hopes for the upcoming holiday season, as families and friends are advised to celebrate Thanksgiving in a socially distant manner. News channel KMOV released a notice of the new CDC guidelines for Thanksgiving plans, as guests are to be limited and it is suggested for them to bring their own food, plate, cups, and utensils.  

If weather permits, meals should ideally be eaten outdoors or in rooms with plenty of air circulation. As the pandemic worsens, intimate gatherings in households are a significant contributor to the surging COVID-19 case numbers. 

Image 1 courtesy of Saint Louis County Health Department. 

Image 2 courtesy of CWE Scene. 

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