Summer 2020 may be remembered as the season of COVID-19 quarantine, but many of our neighborhood partners are still able to find ways to spend time together outdoors.

After weeks of planning, the Academy-Sherman Park Neighborhood Association is proud to present the official renovation of the community garden on the corner of Clarendon and Cates!  

Garden produce includes:  

  • Mixed lettuce  
  • Zucchini 
  • Shallot  
  • Radicchio  
  • Green onion  
  • Cucumber  
  • Green beans  
  • Parsnip  
  • Purple top turnip 

“I hope that once we get the fence installed and a tool shed, we can have more rules with access to the garden, who can harvest items, if there will be a fee next season, [and] where tools will be located,” explained Leia Burroughs, an event specialist and community garden volunteer.  


We’re excited to see how the garden keeps growing and look forward to hearing how other neighborhoods are getting involved while remaining safe and socially distanced!

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