Rebuild Day 2020

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Earlier this month, Park Place Housing and Economic Development partnered with Rebuilding Together to repair homes in Fountain Park and Lewis Place neighborhoods. Rebuild sites were at 4734 Lewis Place from 10am-noon, and then 1117 Bayard from 1pm-3pm. Resources were also available for pickup at each site which included Urban League food boxes, PPE gift bags with sanitizer and masks, Ameren UE energy kits, and an opportunity to win a Ring doorbell camera. 

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The Park Place Home Repair Fund is dedicated to promoting healthy, mixed income communities where everyone has an opportunity to thrive. The Park Place Housing and Economic Development organization serves the communities of Fountain Park and Lewis Place by “Helping Our Neighbors Age In Place.” 

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One of own community development specialists, Jeff Hood, shares his thoughts about the event: 

      “As we work collectively to improve the neighborhoods within the City of St. Louis and the quality of life for our residents, it is crucial to help long-time residents remain in their homes. As neighborhoods improve, those residents must be included as a part of the revitalization. Thanks to a partnership between Park Place Housing and Economic Development and Rebuilding Together, grant dollars and funds raised can go directly to fund major home repairs … Days like this demonstrate how organization can collaborate for a common goal of serving our most vulnerable city residents, improving their homes, and allowing them to stay in place.”  – Jeff Hood, WUMCRC 

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The Park Place Housing and Economic Development website has a list of more initiatives and an opportunity to download their newsletter. They also have a Facebook page, @ParkPlaceHED, where posts and pictures are uploaded with more community events and ways to get involved!

Rebuilding Together is a nationwide nonprofit community revitalization organization. With corporate and community partners, they are able to repair homes, revitalize communities, and rebuild lives. Nearly 100,000 volunteers complete around 10,000 rebuild projects around the country each year. To donate or learn more, visit their site: 

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