Court Advocate for the Central West End and Forest Park Southeast

WUMC began funding for the Court Advocate position in January 2013 in an effort to raise safety awareness throughout the Medical Center surrounding areas. Both neighborhoods have numerous stakeholders that are willing to attend court hearings and write impact statements, however someone was needed to concentrate and head it up on a full time basis.

Forest Park Southeast’s Neighborhood Ownership Model (NOM)

Everyone has the right to live in a safe neighborhood. One can either sit back or one can say enough is enough and become part of the solution.  Residents of Forest Park Southeast (FPSE) want to be part of the solution for their neighborhood.  The Neighborhood Ownership Model is an initiative that involves FPSE residents working alongside police officers, prosecutors and judges to reduce crime.

So, what exactly is a NOM?  According to the City of St. Louis Circuit Attorneys website, “The Neighborhood Ownership Model is a citizen-led program that is supported by the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and the Office of the Mayor.”  The NOM was established in FPSE to combat crime and create a safer neighborhood for all.

Central West End Neighborhood Security Initiative

Currently, the primary role for WUMCRC in the Central West End is to continue to improve security. WUMCRC played a key role in creating two special taxing districts that provide long term funding for security. Furthermore, WUMCRC was essential in coordinating all seven taxing districts within the neighborhood to fund the Central West End Neighborhood Security Initiative (NSI). The NSI is staffed by a full-time security expert, which schedules and coordinates off-duty patrolling services as well as providing education around safety and security to neighborhood stakeholders. Due to these efforts total crime has dropped by 48% in the Central West End since 1998.

City's Finest Bike Patrols
Bike Patrols

Community Liaison Officer

A vital security measure in Forest Park Southeast was to establish a community liaison officer who focuses specifically on problems within the neighborhood. WUMCRC also put into place bike patrols which have proven to be integral in reducing crime and fostering a rapport between the police and the community. Along with these initiatives efforts have also included the coordination of neighborhood residents, establishment of anonymous phone line (877–STL-FPSE), self defense classes, improved street lighting, a safe home program, distribution of ant-itheft auto clubs, and administration of monthly neighborhood security meetings. Due to these actions, total crime decreased by more than 50% since 1998 in Forest Park Southeast.

Community Liaison Office
Community Liaison Office

FPSE Safety and Security Website

For more information on safety and security for the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood visit our website.