Drone footage of BJC HealthCare and Washington University Medical Center campus.

Our Mission.

We aim to promote safe and sustainable neighborhoods surrounding the Washington University Medical Center campus that are complementary to the continued growth and investment of the medical center.

Security, housing, social service provision and physical infrastructure allow for the cultivation of economic development to ensure the long-term vitality of the Central West End and Forest Park Southeast neighborhoods.

Our progress will continue to enhance the Washington University Medical Center and BJC Health Care complex, as well as the surrounding residents and businesses.

A partnership.

Alongside BJC Health Care and Washington University School of Medicine, we work to improve the quality of life for the neighborhoods surrounding the medical campus.

Fostering public-private partnerships.

We facilitate measures to improve security, promote the development of diverse housing options, and enhance the lives of residents by implementing human and social service initiatives.

Millions of dollars invested.

We aim to continue regenerating the market for private investment in businesses and real estate, enhancing human and social service opportunities, and improving the level of physical and social security.

For over 35 years.

As a community, we have made significant progress in revitalizing both the Central West End and Forest Park Southeast neighborhoods. Despite these advancements, we will continue to face challenges and WUMCRC will use this forward momentum to compel further revitalization. 

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