Central West End Midtown to Enact Form Based Plan

Central West End Midtown Development and H3 Studios are in the final stages of implementing a form based plan for the southern portion of the Central West End.  The plan is designed to regulate development practices and to protect the area’s urban identity.  The proposal also encourages green development and helps to enhance the pedestrian experience.  The proposal will be implemented in three phases:

1. The Building Envelope Standards (to regulate the physical form of the area)

2. General Design Standards (to preserve and create the appropriate urban experience)

3. Sustainable Building Standards (to incentivise various levels of green development)

Dan Krasnoff, Executive Director of Central West End Midtown Development, had this to say about the project…

“This plan is relatively new to St. Louis, but standard in many other areas of the United States.  We hope to have the first phase passed by the City of St. Louis this year.  The plan ensures that both high and low density development will go where it is appropriate and  will make the area and the pedestrian experience much better.”

Brian Phillips, Board President of Central West End Midtown Development and Executive Director of WUMCRC added this…

“This plan can serve as a model for the city and help provide a guide to address individual neighborhoods’ long-term and short-term development goals.  It has been exciting working on this plan because up until now the Central West End has had to respond in a fragmented and reactionary manner to development proposals.”

Below is an excerpt from the plan and an example of a building standard…

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