FPSE…10 Years as Historic District

In 2000, Forest Park Southeast became a nationally registered historic district in the City of St. Louis.  WUMCRC was the funding source for the logistical work needed to complete the application.  Since receiving the historic designation Forest Park Southeast has seen a great amount of preservation, historic rehab, and allotment of historic tax credits.

Here is an excerpt from the nomination:

The District’s setting reflects its overwhelming residential land use and its historic buildings reflect a late nineteenth and early twentieth century working class neighborhood. The commercial land use along the north side of Chouteau Avenue and the north and south sides of Manchester Avenue further define the District as a residential enclave. There are 612 contributing properties in the District. Fifteen percent of these buildings are ancillary buildings erected between c. 1906 and 1920. The primary buildings date from 1891 and 1934. Of these properties, 65 date to the 1890s; 331 date to the period from 1900 to 1910; 72 date to the period from 1911-1920; 57 date to the period from 1921-1930; and two date to the period from 1931 to 1950. There are 65 noncontributing buildings dating from 1900 to 1995. Forty-eight of these (74 percent) are ancillary buildings that include garages and storage buildings located at the rear of the properties. There are 53 vacant lots. 3 scattered throughout the district. The non-contributing primary buildings built after 1951 and non-historic vacant lots constitute less than 14 percent of the District. Approximately 60 percent of the extant buildings are two family units; 17 percent are multi-family residences; 16 percent are single family residences; three percent are commercial and residential mixed-use buildings; and one percent are commercial buildings.

You can read the full 500 page nomination document here.


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