We are thrilled to be embarking upon the time of year for caring, sharing and giving to our neighbors, it’s Holiday Outreach Time! WUMC has held true to its’ mission of being a good neighbor and working to improve the quality of life for those who live in the WUMC footprint.

Last year’s Holiday Outreach program was very successful as a result of the kind generosity of our donors and supporters, to provide holiday baskets, utility assistance and gift cards to 34 local adopted families, 70 seniors and 25 individuals and local families.

This year, we are anticipating great need as we are all living with the impacts of higher cost for housing, food, fuel and medications. It is our hope that we exceed previous years’ successes and rise to the challenge of providing some much needed assistance to families and Seniors who are being hard hit by our current economic environment.

It may seem unfathomable to not have heat, or to not know if food will last. Most of us can’t imagine swiping our cards at the terminal and being declined for lack of funds. Or at worst, making the decision to either eat a healthy meal or buy medication. But, in our beautifully developed and astonishing reinvigorated neighborhoods, this is a true reality for some of our neighbors.

Our goal is to ensure that we are able to deliver a truly “Happy Holiday” and with your help, we know we can do it!

How Can You Help?

Through your kind generosity, we are able to provide 100% of every gift to assist families, individuals and seniors who are in need. This year we will be contributing the following:

  • Food Cards to local grocery stores.
  • Gift Cards to general merchandising stores.
  • Utility Assistance to assist individuals and families.
  • Food Baskets filled with holiday meals.

To make a donation, please click the link below. This year we hope to assist over 100 seniors and 50 families within our service area.

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