Painting by Local Artist Brightens WUMCRC Office

Thanks to local artist Diane Ottinger, WUMCRC’s office is now much brighter and home to a one-of-a-kind painting of Forest Park Southeast.  “Mega the Cross-Eyed Dragon”, a painting based off the first ever paint-by-numbers mural at Grove Fest I (2006), now hangs at 4400 Chouteau.*  The painting took months to complete and this progression shows its dramatic transformation.

The building on which the mural is painted, located at 4168 Manchester Avenue, is under a transformation of its own. Space Architectural Design Studio recently purchased the building and is leading a rehab for the location of its new headquarters.  Fortunately, Space was able to preserve the mural and has incorporated it into their side entrance.

Today, we got a chance to talk to Diane about her painting:

“While completing this painting was surely a challenge, I really wanted to do something different and special to show my gratitude for all the work WUMCRC has done for me and the rest of the neighborhood. Though this painting is based off a picture, I first became intrigued and inspired by the life brought out in it .”

Thanks to Diane for her generous gift.

* The Grove Fest signature event, paint by numbers mural, is sponsored by WUMCRC.

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