Sit Down with Designers and Fabricators of Grove Sign

WUMCRC recently had the opportunity to sit down with the talented designers and fabricators of the Grove entry marker.

Heather Testa and Matt McInerney of  St. Louis’ own Ten 8, who designed the marker had plenty to share on their experience with this historic project…

What was your inspiration for the sign?

“We took graphics that were existing in the area that the Grove was using for banners and combined it with more retro, neon signs from neighborhoods from the past.”….Matt McInerney

How important is a sign like this for Forest Park Southeast and an entertainment district such as The Grove?

“It’s extremely important.  It signifies an entrance to a district and the colors, sign, and shapes of the entry marker all speak of the entertainment and the sign will be different from day to night so it really has a life of its own.”….Heather Testa

How satisfying is it for you to see the sign going up?

It’s extremely satisfying.  It’s always really interesting to see something go from flat 2 dimension to something bigger than life.  As it rolled in last night it was great to be able to touch it and then to see it in the sky with it’s surroundings….Heather Testa

It is great because you can now walk around the sign and see that it looks different from each angle.  At some angles it looks more red or black and than looking at it straight forward the white lettering really pops….Matt McInerney

Do you envision more of these signs going up around St. Louis?

If they are well done than I say yes, that would be great…Matt McInerney

I think the important thing to note is that this kind of signage is not appropriate for every place to have one.  Not every place is about what the Grove is about.  Design is about making sure that logos and signage fit an area and I believe that this sign very much fits the Grove….Heather Testa

Mike Vickers of Design Communications LTD (Ten8’s fabrication partner) had this to say.

* Interviews were conducted by WUCMRC interns, Matt Green and Tara Bolen

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