The Central West End Neighborhood Security Initiative Continues to Enhance Safety and Security Efforts

The following excerpt was written by Brooks Goedeker for the upcoming Central West End Association Newsletter

The Central West End Neighborhood Security Initiative (NSI) has been in existence for 2 years.  The program, in that short time, has excelled in bringing accountability to its supplemental patrols and advancing the neighborhood’s use of diverse security tools and equipment.  The NSI, which is sponsored by the Central West End’s 6 Special Business Districts and Washington University Medical Center, are pleased to announce the following new initiatives for 2010.

For the first time the Special Business Districts will be able to view what proactive activities the supplemental patrols have performed in their respective districts.

Security Camera Network: In order to deter crime and be a useful evidence source, the installation of a 16 camera network is currently underway.  The cameras will be strategically located in high pedestrian trafficked areas and crime spots.  Along with the camera network the NSI is working toward the funding of a 24/7 monitoring system.

GPS Tracking Devices: To ensure the supplemental patrols are performing their assigned duties, patrols will be equipped with GPS devices.  The equipment allows for live tracking, printable maps, and historical display of where the patrols have been for a particular time period.  Currently, the overnight security guards in the North and Cathedral Square Special Business Districts are employing the devices.  By year end the goal is for all patrols in all Special Business Districts to be equipped with the tracking equipment.

Communication: The NSI realizes that in order to effectively decrease crime the initiative needs to be a total community effort.  That is why the NSI has taken necessary steps to issue timely crime alerts, publicize vital safety tips, and conduct a monthly security forum.  To continue getting the NSI’s message out into the community, the administrative staff meets often with neighborhood groups and associations and also has begun recording its monthly forums.  To view the latest security forum go to

Mapping Software: Technology, such as Geographical Information Systems (GIS) mapping software, allows for the fabrication of detailed maps.  The NSI administrative staff is trained to operate the software and utilizes the maps to inform supplemental patrols and Saint Louis Metropolitan Police Department of recent activity and trends.

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