Adams Park Community Center Transfers to Exciting New Leadership Under Herbert Hoover Boys & Girls Club

Herbert Hoover Boys & Girls Club is excited about the opportunity to serve the children and adults in the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood. For nearly 40 years the youth development agency has provided life-changing programs and services for kids ages 6 to 18. As a chartered member of Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Herbert Hoover has an outstanding record of effective program and financial administration, community outreach and facility management.

The activities for senior citizens will continue to be a major focus at Adams Park Community Center. Youth experiences will cover five core areas: Character & Leadership Development; Education & Career Development; The Arts; Health & Life Skills; and Sports, Fitness & Recreation. Programs and services for adults will also be incorporated into the schedule.

Youth members of the Boys & Girls Club at Adams Park will have access to activities at the north Grand campus, including free dental services. Clarkson EyeCare has agreed to establish a free vision care program at Adams Park Community Center. Flint Fowler, Executive Director of Herbert Hoover, stated “The staff and board are looking forward to establishing a productive and long-term relationship with the residents of Forest Park Southeast.”

If you have questions or would like additional information please call Flint Fowler or Debra Harris at (314) 652-8300.


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