FPSE Outdoor Movie Night

For consecutive summer’s, WUMC is sponsoring Outdoor Movie Nights in the FPSE neighborhood. The last movie, The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep, shown Thursday June 12th was the first of several movies to be shown this summer in the FPSE neighborhood. A group of nearly 40 residents made up of families and children attended the movie on the lawn adjacent to the intersection of Manchester ave and Newstead ave. Armed with lawn chairs and blankets, aided by a comfortable June evening, residents in attendance enjoyed a good movie and forged lasting memories and relationships with their neighbors.

WUMC hopes that the success of the seasons 1st Outdoor Movie Night will continue to help encourage healthy community interaction among FPSE residents. While residents lounge comfortably under the stars with a great movie, WUMC hopes that the continued presence of movie nights will promote positive family values. With each success the Outdoor Movie Night is helping the community to achieve its overall goal of promoting safety and security. The evenings of the Outdoor Movie Nights help residents nurture a sense of community as well as helping residents form relationships among themselves which benefits the safety of the entire neighborhood.

The next movie,The Great Debaters , will be held Thursday July 10th, adjacent to the corner of Manchester ave and Newstead ave. WUMC believes that this Outdoor Movie Night will present another opportunity for residents of the FPSE community to build positively on communal gains, building civic pride and a greater fellowship among residents.

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