MERS/Goodwill Provides Jobs in FPSE

Recently MERS/Goodwill Industries hired 39 residents of the FPSE Neighborhood. With 39 residents newly employed in the FPSE community, the positive values of the neighborhood are taking deeper root. MERS/Goodwill hires many people in the St.Louis community in their effort to help develop communities. In FPSE this creation of jobs has helped to aid the positive community development that the neighborhood needs and deserves.

While MERS/Goodwill has hired 39 residents, through their community outreach they have focussed on molding individuals into competent contributing members of the neighborhood. With this renewed focus on bettering the FPSE community, MERS/Goodwill has helped the neighborhood to move towards continued communal improvement.


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Previous FPSE Resident Impacted by Rebuilding Together St. Louis

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