More Drive Corridor Enhancements Coming to FPSE?

The Forest Park Southeast Public Infrastructure Committee has set the priority of enhancing the neighborhood’s north and south corridors  (Taylor, Newstead, Tower Grove, and Boyle Avenues).

Brooks Goedeker, WUMCRC’s Community Development Manager, recently shared the committee’s vision with Tom Niemeier, Space Architecture’s principal and founder.  Niemeier and the Space team ran with the idea and began working on mock-up drawings for possible street markers along these corridors.  The committee and the Space team want to respect the neighborhood’s historic integrity while also adding contemporary features such as solar powered lighting or glow-in-the-dark components that may be viewed by passerby’s at night.  The intent of the street markers are to:

1. Further the identity and branding of the neighborhood

2. Demonstrate to visitors and passerby’s that this is a unique neighborhood

3. Demonstrate to visitors and passerby’s that this neighborhood is being cared for and is seeing investment

4. Draw people into moving in and investing on the side streets

Below are several of the mock-up ideas.

* Design work is being funded by WUMCRC

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