Resident Spotlight…Patrice Willis

Forest Park Southeast resident Patrice Willis moved into the neighborhood only two years ago and in that time she has become a member of the beautification and infrastructure committee,  chair of the safety and security committee, and is now a board member on the new Park Central CDC.

As chair of the Forest Park Southeast safety and security committee she works alongside law enforcement, hears and addresses neighborhood concerns, and collaborates with area  stakeholders to implement new safety measures and initiatives. We got a chance to talk to Ms. Willis today.  Here is what she had to say…

“Since I’ve been working with the safety and security committee, we have enacted a wide range of initiatives and services for the area.  We’ve brought in a representative from the circuit attorney’s office to explain citizen’s legal rights and we’ve  seen an overall  increase in resident participation and concern in security affairs. The residents feel like their concerns are being heard and their issues are being dealt with quickly and appropriately.

Currently, we are working on appointing block captains,  forming a citizen’s committee to act as liaisons between the area and local judges, and reintroducing free self-defense classes for residents. All of these initiatives, combined with active engagement from local law enforcement officers and WUMCRC, have really given residents a sense of encouragement in improving the neighborhood.

As a new Board Member with Park Central Development Corporation, I hope to bring my experience and skills gained with the Safety & Security Commission as well as my experience working with social work and community engagement to better serve the needs of area residents and visitors.”

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