Safety Tips For The Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching.  With all of the hustle and bustle of the season,  gift shopping and preparing for holiday parties it’s easy to have a lapse in  everyday safety practices.  Here are a few safety tips from James Partee,  the Director of the Neighborhood Security Initiative for the Central West End.

  1. Secure all packages in the trunk and out of sight
  2. Only load packages in your vehicle once you are ready to drive away
  3. Remove all electronic devices and cords from plain view to include wiping away GPS marks on the windshield
  4. Carry minimal amount of cash – carry a  “decoy” bundle with 20 dollars or less in small bills
  5. Be very alert in your appearance and of your surroundings
  6. Carry your keys in your hand and attempt to keep your hands free of other items
  7. Wear minimal jewelry
  8. Avoid dark places or unfamiliar places for ATM usage
  9. Walk on opposite  side of street if  someone is approaching you from front or rear
  10. Remember to call 911 immediately if you are a victim of a crime – this includes a  good description of the criminal if possible

For more information about the security initiatives of the Central West End NSI please check out their website at

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