WUMCRC Announces Contribution To Second Grove Sign

WUMCRC announced today that they will be contributing $10,000 toward the second Grove entry marker which will bookend the street and be located just east of Kinshighway Blvd.  Brooks Goedeker, WUMCRC Community Development Manager and project manager of the Grove entry markers had this to say:

“Along with the $3.6 million streetscape improvements the entry markers demonstrate to both pedestrians and motorists that they are arriving at a destination point.  Kingshighway and Manchester is one of the busiest intersections in the entire metropolitan area and this new sign will signify to the thousands of drivers passing by the area on a daily basis that there is a thriving neighborhood and commercial district just feet away.  The signs invite passerby’s to travel down the street and see for themselves everything that the Grove has to offer.”

Brooks Goedeker, WUMCRC Community Development Manager presents a $10,000 check to Grove CID Treasurer, Kelly Kenter





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