WUMCRC Employee Spotlight

Amy Bielicke joined the WUMCRC team in October 2011.  Bielicke provides day to day office bookkeeping and manages WUMC’s financial records and books.  WUMC Executive Director Brian Phillips said, “Amy has been an excellent addition to the WUMC staff team. Her skills as a Certified Public Accountant have been invaluable. She’s a true team player, willing to assist other staff members with various projects. We are so lucky to have her on staff.”

When asked what the advantages are of working in the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood, “I love working in this neighborhood because I enjoy exploring new areas of the city.  I also have family history here because many of my relatives come from the city of St. Louis.”

One the side, Bielicke is a certified yoga instructor at Urban Breath Yoga located in the Grove entertainment/business district.   She has taught fitness for years and is passionate about healthy living.  Bielicke says, “Movement is therapeutic and it opens new pathways to process creativity.” People of all fitness levels are welcome to join in her Yoga Dance Trance class this Friday, April 27th, from 8-10pm at Urban Breath Yoga. This type of yoga is designed to help you relax and inspire creativity.  The class consists of one hour yoga session, then free dance movement for one hour.  Limited spots available.

Amy Bielicke, Financial Analyst at WUMCRC


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