WUMCRC Looks Back at 14 Years of Infill Construction in FPSE

After 14 years of investment in Forest Park Southeast and a great amount of resources aimed at improving the housing stock, much of WUMCRC’s work is clearly visible.  Since 1996, over 40 new infill homes have been built as a result of WUMCRC’s pre-development efforts.  These efforts consist of matching properties with appropriate developers and when needed, offering subsidies to offset development costs.  This initiative has constituted the largest surge in new, for-sale construction in Forest Park Southeast in over 30 years.

In addition, WUMCRC has assisted in over 200 historical rehabs of rental and homeowner units throughout FPSE over the last 14 years.   Combined for both new and rehabbed housing, WUMCRC has  contributed over $6 million in Forest Park Southeast.

Examples of Infill Single-family Units

Examples of Infill Townhouse Units

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