Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood Spotlight on Guy Slay

“Restoring community…one historic building at a time” This is the mission of Guy Slay and his restoration company, Mangrove Redevelopment, located in the heart of the Grove. As a St. Louis native, he has always loved the St. Louis City architecture and strives to preserve it. Since their beginning in 2000, Guy has done just that by completing many large restorations that are a major contribution to the thriving Grove that we enjoy today. Most of his efforts have been at the neighborhood core, located on the 4200 and 4300 blocks of Manchester. He first began with the successful rehab of the 10,000 square foot Mangrove building which is now home to the famous
Sweetie Pie’s restaurant, Cultivate Salon, and the Mangrove Redevelopment office. Other projects are now home to City Greens Market, City Boutique, and Outlaw Ink & Styles to name a few. These businesses support Guy’s vision to create a Manchester that thrives both during the day and night.

photo credit: Sheila Findall

photo credit: Sheila Findall

Along with building restoration, Guy is dedicated to his involvement within the community. Currently, he serves on the FPSE Development Committee , Community Improvement District Marketing Committee, and the Grove CID Board since its establishment in 2007. Guy has also completed residential building restorations allowing more people to call FPSE their home and the community to grow.

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