Hunt Beautification: Before and After

Washington University Medical Center Redevelopment Corporation (WUMCRC) and residents of the Forest Park Southeast (FPSE) neighborhood are working together again to eliminate a neighborhood eyesore.  WUMCRC decided to step up and beautify the corner of Hunt and Vandeventer, taking the vacant piece of land that was collecting trash and turning it into yet another attractive neighborhood entrance.

Brooks Goedeker, Community Development Manager at WUMCRC explains the importance of these efforts, “Thousands of people pass this area when traveling on Vandeventer daily. We want to make sure we are demonstrating that Forest Park Southeast is a welcoming and well kept neighborhood.”

Without the help from FPSE residents these projects would not be possible.  Similarly to other neighborhood beautification endeavors, several FPSE residents have agreed to water and maintain the area.  “This is another collaboration between FPSE and WUMCRC to turn an eyesore into an eye catching piece of land”, says Goedeker.

These efforts do not go unnoticed.  Some of the other beautification efforts by WUMCRC and FPSE residents include the planters at the entrances, murals on some of the buildings, the Exclamation Markee Sculpture and the community gardens.



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