Rebuilding Together: Renewing Homes and Lives

Ms. Phillips was cited by the city for having a collapsed two-story porch.  She had the structure torn down, but then was cited for not having a back porch.  That’s where Washington University Medical Center (WUMC) and volunteers from Rebuilding Together stepped in.  Recently, Rebuilding Together worked with volunteers from Tarlton Corporation to design and construct a two-story porch for Ms. Phillips.

Rebuilding Together works on more than 200 homes a year in the metropolitan area.  Normally, Rebuilding Together would only be able to help with 1 or 2 homes a year in most neighborhoods, however through the support of WUMC, Rebuilding Together is able to work on 6 to 10 homes a year in the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood.  WUMC provides the funding for supplies and equipment.  If contractors need to be hired then WUMC provides funding support for them as well.  In addition, Brooks Goedeker, WUMC’s Community Development Manager, works with homeowners to fill out the application and then submit the paperwork to Rebuilding Together.

Due to the efforts of Rebuilding Together, Tarlton Corporation, and WUMC, Ms. Phillips may now enjoy the comforts of her yard and new porch and feel at ease knowing her home won’t be cited.

Regarding the assistance from Rebuilding Together and Washington University Medical Center, Ms. Phillips had this to say:

“It means I can afford to live in my own home and have it up to code.  I now have joy and peace of mind that I can live here as long as I can take care of myself.  Every day I am enjoying my new porch.”

Regarding the volunteers from Tarlton, Ms. Phillips stated:

” I feel that no one could have done it better.  They worked together, did a beautiful job on the porch, and even cleaned up afterwards.  I will be forever grateful.”


Above: Before and after pictures of Ms. Phillips' porch

Above: Ms. Phillips with the volunteers from Tarlton Corporation

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