Spotlight on Salons in The Grove

WUMCRC teamed up with The Grove CID to highlight some of the salons in the Grove.  The Nappy Kitchen and Kolors Salon, chatted with us about why they decided to open their business in the Grove and what services they offer clients.

Kevyn Idoux, an experienced business owner here in the Grove, discusses his salon philosophy as well his own unique make-up line at Kolors Salon, a place you can receive quality, fashionable  service in a comfortable atmosphere.

Grove CID: How long has Kolors Salon been in the Grove?

Kevyn Idoux: We’re coming up on our third year here in the Grove in September.

G: And why did you decide to move your business here to the Grove?

K: It’s an up and coming neighborhood. It’s really hip with all the restaurants and all the nightclubs and all the new things coming. It’s always changing and there’s always something new coming in… I like change.

G: Do you have a favorite business?

K: The restaurants are very good, as well as all the bars we frequent after work to decompress. We don’t have a favorite; they’re all great.

G: Why did you decide to start Kolors Salon in the first place?

K: I’ve been doing hair for 13 years now, and I’ve always wanted to do it on my own, since the first day of beauty school. I also always wanted to start my own makeup line, so I did that here as well.

G: What makes Kolors Salon unique?

K: We’re unique in that we’re comprised of all educators. My staff is comprised of Paul Mitchell educators. I myself was an educator for 8 years for another manufacturer. We’re one of the few salons with our own makeup line. We do airbrush makeup, and we do spray-tanning as well. The atmosphere here is also unique – we’re a high-end salon but we don’t have a high-end atmosphere. We’re very laidback. Everybody’s a friend that comes in here. You’re coming into my home, so that’s what it feels like when you come in.

G: Where do most of your clients come from?

K: Our clients come from all over, not just from here in the Grove. We have customers from Illinois, Chesterfield… just anywhere you can think of in the Metropolitan area.

G: What kind of prom specials do you have?

K: We are running prom specials for both hair and makeup which is going to be $100.

G: Can you tell us a little about your make-up line?

K: Nothing in the line is over $40, except for the large palettes, which are $45. The new palettes range from $50 to $60. It’s very budget friendly and very high-end quality. It’s the same manufacturer that Chanel and Lancôme use.

Lana Coleman of Nappy Kitchen, a new business owner here in the Grove, explains the unique offerings of Nappy Kitchen, which values natural hair beauty and quality service.

Grove CID: How long have you been here in the Grove?

Lana: I’ve been in the Grove as a salon owner and business owner since September.

G: And how long have you been in the hair business?

L: 11 years.

G: Why did you decide to start Nappy Kitchen?

L: There’s a big need for a salon for women with natural hair. My sister Pamela started making natural hair products. Stemming from that and women asking “Do you have a salon with your products?” we decided to open a salon.

G: Do you have any specific specials?

L: We do makeup and up-dos and hair-weaving. Usually our specials run from November to January – we offer 40% discounts for the season. We also have a mother’s day special. Every Thursday we give students 20% off their purchase.

G: Why did you decide to move your business to the Grove?

L: I actually live in the Grove. It’s a great up and coming area and there are a lot of businesses growing. It’s very popular now that things are changing; I notice there’s always a new business opening up and down Manchester. I think it’s a really nice area. It’s in the middle of everything, and it’s close to the highway. My clients love it because when they venture out to come here they’re like “oh, I’m already here!” That makes me feel great. They continue to book because they like the area and, of course, the services. That’s a big plus for us. We have clients from everywhere. A lot of clients from Illinois.

G: What’s your website name?


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