The youth from Herbert Hoover Boys & Girls Club-Adams Park Unit have been busy this year.  Their latest mural project is called “St. Louis Wall of Fame”.  It includes the faces of famous St. Louis African Americans such as Maya Angelou, Chuck Berry, Nelly, and Miles Davis.   The youth came up with the concept and researched the individuals which to include.

WUMCRC’s Community Development Manager, Brooks Goedeker wrote a successful grant funded by the St. Cronan Housing Corporation and the Grove Community Improvement District.  The project partners Forest Park Southeast adolescents from the Herbert Hoover Boys and Girls Club with local artist, Grace McCammond to design and implement 4 murals (first mural, second mural) along Manchester Avenue in the Grove.




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  1. this is so great, that I am in he process of designing a muralist program for our school for the coming year. your example is great for my students and the images are such that they can relate and extend out from. I know we will have a great time with this project.

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